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The Mooninites are really going to love us now.

Yesterday after I woke up (at like 3:30pm.  Overnights are killers), I put in CSPAN2 while I was eating my cerial.  I dont know why, I just did.  It's the second most boring channel on the planet, CSPAN being the first. Anyways, the NASA PR people were detailing their next moon mission.  And this is a budget mission, coming in at a mere $8 million.  

Bla bla bla, first payload will do studies of the moon… nobody cares.  It's the second payload I'm interested in here.  This second payload,  which is the size and weight of a Hummer, is going to impact at the south pole at a 75 degree angle, thus generating a ploom of debris able to be seen with a Walmart telescope (they're so happy ameture astronomers will be able to get in on this).  Probes will actually be able to get physical samples of the materials this way, and on the cheap (budget mission, remember?). 

And the guy explaining this mission is so pleased that he's ready to wet himself or vibrate out of his chair.  He's explaining that they'll probably get some frozen water because they're going where the sun don't shine, and they're going to be able, from the actual live samples be able to tell more about the composition of the moon.  Which will be great.  Because it will cut down on the cost of teraforming the moon, because we won't have to haul up as much stuff, since we'll know exactly what will grow on the moon.  Getting ahead of ourselves, much? I dunno. 

So, after the Cinimon Toast Crunch runs dry, and they start talking about the readings they hope to get, I'm thinking to myself… GREAT.  NASA is bombing the moon! Stuff hits the moon all the time (hence the swiss-cheese-ness), but this is like metal, and intentional and stuff.  That being said, if there are little moon people living in there, they're going to totally see this as an act of aggression and wipe us out. 

I have a great idea, lets NOT aggrivate the aliens?  


April 14, 2006 - Posted by | Random & Miscellany, Technology & The Intarweb

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  1. They’re just going to find cheese there anyway. Scientists are silly. =/

    Comment by Heather | April 17, 2006

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