Suicidal Snowflakes

Just because I have a short attention span doesn\’t mean I…

Really effing sleep-deprived.

Know how I judge my depression level by my need to listen to The Phantom of the Opera soundtrack??

I can judge exactly how sleep-deprived, yet creatively active I am by exactly how often I play two albums (well, ok, maybe three): 1) The Smallville Soundtrack (effed up, I know), 2) It’s A Kind of Magic by Queen** and 3) America Town by Five for Fighting.****

Right now we’re working on the Smallville soundtrack, and I’m a full fourth of the way done with my annotated version of The Adventure of The Bruce Partington Plans for my 2663 class. Unfortunately the creativity isn’t in my awesome webpage design (yeah. Black on white, Times New Roman, no graphics). But Oh Holy Crap my entries are SO FREAKING GOOD!!! These things are fucking genious. Like. As genious as an encyclopedia of random and useless Sherlock Holmes trivia directly extracted from my butt can be. At 5am on no sleep. Bitchin.

** Dude at work keeps a little tv in his desk and only whips it out to watch American Idol. Oh. My. God. What those kids were doing to Queen tonight was just wrong. They make Sarah Brightman’s rendition of Who Wants to Live Forever seem like a freaking act of God.

****Five for Fighting’s Superman song is kind of James’ and my unofficial song. Officially, it’s “I’ll Be Watching You” by The Police. Hehe. But really. I happened to listen to a lot of the songs on all of those albums waaaay back in the day when I was a lonely gal in a 2 room attic apartment with no central air. Back in that goodly year stretch where I wrote more than I have ever written before or since. One night’s work roughly resembles what I now put out in a week or month now a days. The whole living in a two room apartment with no air conditioning isn’t enough to drive me into nostalgia, mostly I think about just how much freaking writing I did, and how much time I spent gabbing with James online until Freakazoid came on cartoon network at 6am, and we both had to hit the hay, just because that would give us exactly 8 hrs’ sleep before we had to be at work again the next day. Lather, rince, repeat.


April 13, 2006 - Posted by | Angst, Thoughts

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