Suicidal Snowflakes

Just because I have a short attention span doesn\’t mean I…

Hmm… interesting.

You know the tale… Katie Holmes was a good little Catholic girl who preached about how she was going to save herself for marriage, Tom was also baptized catholic and actually studied in a seminary (I think it was just a high school seminary, I could be wrong)… Now he’s NUTS and his head spins around and he spits pea soup and nails while his eyes glow red… (actually he just acts like a total freak-tard, but close enough) because he’s all “into” Scientology (friiiightening people, lemme tell you, and I’m related to my family, so I know scarry). So now Katie’s mom and dad are desperate for their soon-to-be-born (without the aid of drugs or primal screaming, I might add; what the hell is the point of progress?) grandchild to be baptized in the Catholic church, because THEY see it as important.

Here’s one Canon Lawyer’s thoughts on the matter.

I’ve totally found a new career for my friend Charlene who’s been burnt out doing a custody case because it lasted forever and a week in court because both parties need be smacked. Repeatedly. It’s LIKE law, but without stupid criminal clients who don’t understand a deal when they see one and the stupid family clients who are so self-absorbed that their kids would actually be better off being raised by the television than said actual parents. Nosiree Bob. No child endangerment here, and all the posturing, arguing and over-thinking you can handle!! She’s catholic and she lives in the south, and she’s STILL catholic. And she goes to a church with a Latin mass. She’ll totally do fine.

Btw, this dude suffers from a terminally cool blog 🙂 Thanks to Mr Akin for the reference.

Speaking of Mr Akin, and keeping up with my Ninjas For Christ theme of this post (did you know they had themes? Did you know that sometimes I can string entire coherant phrases together together into coherant sentences and paragraphs that all like, pertain to each other and stuff)…here’s a great link to a story about bibles bursting into flames. Just cuz that’s always funny. Well, I guess it’s funny unless it happens to you.

Hadta reformat ye olde iPod like twice in two days. Was putting stuff back on and the dang thingy needed rebooted too, which is a pain cuz won’t… wait a second. I was keeping on point. iPod… Yes. I recall… Cardinal Arinze, a fave Cardinal of mine (they’re my homies, yo), and who I was kind of pulling for (and betting on) to be the next pope now has a podcast. Sweetness. Maybe if my iBook, recently rescued from a harddisk crash and is now suffering from a deceased dvdrom drive will consistantly recognise my iPod, I’ll be able to download.

So, anyways, that’s the wrap-up. All the cool Catholic stuff thats fit to blog. That’s me. Yessiree Bob. I’m the poster with the most-er catholic links. Or something.

I’m gunna go home and make cookies. Chocolate ones. With powdered sugar on top. And you can’t have any.


March 31, 2006 - Posted by | Glitterati, Religion

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  1. I love that Bible bursting on fire story! Lol! I wonder about the rebuttal though. You shouldn’t encourage the JWs. They’ll come back like a bad rash. My sister used to like to argue with them and they would come over all the time.

    Comment by Heather | April 3, 2006

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