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Hey, Tom Cruise… get out of the closet!!

So there’s a big hubaloo about how Isaac Hayes quit South Park because of “religious insensitivity.”  Aparently it’s OK to pick on Jews and Christians and Muslims, but picking on Scientologists is just going too far.  Then, as I understand it, Tom Cruise, who’s showing himself to be a world-class Jackass of the highest order (The Knights of Jackass gave him a little pin that looks like a sword and everything), threatened to not promote MI: III if Paramount didn’t kill the Scientology South Park episode.  So, to promote free speach, I bring to you  South Park Episode 912.

On a seperate note: Scientology kills.  

I think most folks would be happy to let Scientology be, and let Tom Cruise be as crazy as he wants, if it wasn’t such an interfering sort of craziness.


March 22, 2006 - Posted by | Crazy and/or Weird, Unwashed Masses


  1. Did you see last night’s South Park episode where they killed Chef because he was brainwashed by a stupid little club? Hilarious.

    Comment by Heather | March 23, 2006

  2. You know, I took a class on the Sociology of Alternative Religions (aka Sociology of Cults) a few years back and we learned all about Scientology. Jeremy Perkins isn’t the first victim of this church, man. If you plug a Google search into Scientology Deaths, you’ll find a BUNCH of people who met with mysterious deaths after getting involved with the Church of Scientology… and amazingly, a lot of their bank accounts were bled dry, too.


    Comment by The BLS | March 23, 2006


    Keep in mind that this was complied by someone who lost a family member to the Church, so it’s a little more emotionally charged than I would like… but Scientology is SCARY.

    You know it has to be bad when the professor of the Alternative Religions class (who infiltrated Heaven’s Gate, the Love Family, the Rainbow Family, and the Aryan nations, among others) said that HE thought Scientology was scary and that you couldn’t pay him enough to study it further.

    Comment by The BLS | March 23, 2006

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