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Dearest Brother; Grow a spine

my brother’s too nice.  He’s been making up for the fact that my dad is a creaton financially.  I read on Mary’s blog that he paid the past-due cable bill because dad is back to his old ways of blowingn all the money and not spending any of it on important tthings like bills or groceries. Who knows what the hell he’s spending it on now, either prostitutes or drugs, maybe both.  Or he could just be buying any new fricking toy he sees that he wants.  Geeze.  I’ll try real hard to feel bad about the $7 shotglass I bought in Chicago this weekend.  But really.  My brother paid for my sister’s tuition because she went out of the country twice and blew all her money on her creepy boyfriend… TWICE.  I hear he’s giving dad money every time he says “I need money for this bill,” of course dad throws in the whole guilt thing… you live here and you dont pay anything, bla bla bla.  And he also does the classic trying to blame mom thing and say SHE spent all the money, and lets not forget how he claims that it was some expense of yours, like needing medicine or picked up or something that caused everything to go to shit. It wouldn’t have anything to do with HIM.  Y’know.  Cuz taking responsibility isn’t one of his strong suits.  Anyways, my brother just needs to freaking stop.  They’ll all bleed him dry.  Our sister will NEVER pay him back, nor will my dad. He’ll be poor and destitute and always paying for their shit if he doesn’t just put the breaks on it.  I know it’d be tough for him, but he has to learn boundaries.  Or good excuses.  Man… I get so frustrated with all of them.  My sister and my dad for taking advantage of him, my brother for not having boundries and my mother for enabling, not putting the breaks on this sooner, and STILL not working as hard as she could to get everything straightened out. Yes, mom, it will mean talking to the lawyer again.  Yes, mom it will probably mean an uncomfortable confrontation.  but guess what? You’re PAYING this bozo. he works for you. If he isn’t doing his job (actually, he’s done little to nothing at this point… even Charlene thinks the guy should have his feet nailed to the ground and he should be set on fire)… you can say something to him about it. Mostly I’m mad at everybody for being stupid and human.  Stupid humans.


March 21, 2006 - Posted by | Angst, Family & Friends, Unwashed Masses

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  1. thats really bad, hope all gets well soon.

    Comment by Qwerty Maniac | March 22, 2006

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