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Have I blogged you lately?

I have a pink pen that, just a few months ago, was too bright for me.  It seemed odd and out of place.  I’d use the purple for everything because that was the right tool for the job.  It wasn’t too bright, it wasn’t blue or black (which is just plebian), it was it’s own unique and perfect thing.  But now it’s dull and over-done.  The pink pen is now the perfect pen.  It’s bright and cheerful and unique.  It’s not evil and accusatory like a red pen, and it’s not tired and drab like the purple pen.

They’re both pilot pens so they’re awesome, of course.  I have a maroon pen just like ’em and a blue one.  The blue one is really teal, so I’m not sure what it counts for… but it reminds me of blue pens so I don’t want to use it.  And for a while the maroon pen was awesome because it was unique but subtile, since it was the same color as the lines on my journal.  Now it’s like… geeze, you can’t even tell that’s a pen.

I wonder what would happen if I bought a green pen?


March 16, 2006 - Posted by | My Little Pony

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  1. >>>>I wonder what would happen if I bought a green pen?

    Comment by Heather | March 20, 2006

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