Suicidal Snowflakes

Just because I have a short attention span doesn\’t mean I…

I can do simple math.

a few weeks ago I was signing the check at Kings, trying to calculate tip and add everything up at about 1am.  The 15% was no problem at all.  It was the addition and subtraction that seemed to stump me.  Instead of $15.– plus a $2.– tip coming out to be $17.–. I wrote the correct number of cents, followed by $15.  Just as I was declaring to the guy at the register and to James that “I can do simple math.”  I’ll also just own up to having to use the multiplication “table” cheat sheet thingy all the way up until fifth grade.  Fractions and percents are ok. It’s everything else that’s tough.

Except for tonight’s embarassing episode, which no one would have ever known about it, if I hadn’t opened my big mouth to declare it to the internet.  I was doubling a cookie recipe, and somehow 3/4 cup of butter doubled came out to be… you guessed it.  A stick and a half of butter. A 1/2 cup stick.

At least I figured it out when I tasted the batter and it had a very… hm… biting taste.  Like maple syrup gone horribly wrong.  Still… it’s a pain to mix in a stick and a half of butter to something you’ve already added 2/3 of the flour to.

I’ll blame it on… hm… I don’t know.  The rain, the ninjas, the ponys.  Something.


March 12, 2006 - Posted by | My Little Pony, Ninjas

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