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A bitter custody battle

What I really need is for the BLS to draw up some joint custody papers for me.  Basically, I’m asking for equal time with the remote from James.  Even when I have the remote, he takes it off of me to fast forward, then he gives it back to me. Which is totally not the point of me having the remote.  Maybe he just wants me to feel like I have “the power” without actually GIVING me the power.  Like offices that have fake thermostats so that the employees, who’re just cogs in the great corperate machine, can feel like they have control over SOMETHING in an environment where not only do they have no control over their own lives, but  noone gives a flying f*ck about them.  It’s like that.  But with the remote.

** Comment from James: “ASSSSSS.”

***Comment from Me: You just think I’m an ass cuz it’s true.  Dirty remote hog.

****Comment from James: “Big meany ASS.  I wish you wern’t such an ass.  You also can’t lable a post ‘my little pony’ if there’s no fricking pony.  There’s no effing pony.

*****Comment from me: My blog, my rules. Also: LAST WORD.


March 9, 2006 - Posted by | My Little Pony, Technology & The Intarweb, TV/Movies/Books

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  1. HAHAHAHAAHA. In my state we call those ‘parenting plans.’ And they tend to usually favor the mother. 🙂

    I’m on your side…. 🙂

    Comment by The BLS | March 13, 2006

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