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Riding the Magic Supplements Bus.

One of the chiropractors in our group (did I mention that I [heart] my chriopractor lately?) does the whole nutritionist gig too and James went to see him on Tuesday.

They wanna start him on $110 worth of suplements to make him fully functional. Sounds like a racket to the average human bean.

As much as I [heart ] my chriopractor ( note to self: make everybody at that office cookies), I’m always cautious about suplements. I didn’t even start taking a multi vitamin regularly until this fall, and begrudgingly added a B complex vitamin to my regime at the reccomendation of my dietician.  I think sometimes we see vitamins as a substitute for eating real/good food, so I’d kind of rather not rely on them.  I know I’m just shy of getting scurvy since I’m doing double duty with school and work so I never eat a “real” meal that I actually cooked.  Therefore I should just kind of let this one go, at least until school is over.

One of the things that they want him to take, though, is a multivitamin combo that’ll hopefully help him eat veggies and fruit again.  James basically lives on carbs, meat and junk food.  Fruit makes his throat itch and veggies make his insides go nuts. So, y’know, if some magic vitamins can help that, all the better because he’d be able to get other nutrients from actual fruits and veggies, frightening though that may be.  It’s also supposed to increase his energy and metabolism and all that good stuff so he can exercise and have it actually do something.  That’d be good too.

There are a couple of others that he can take in the hopes of getting off of the depression and ADD meds.  That I’m a little more hinky about trying.  The depression meds, at least, are working.  Same with  me.  I’m a bit lax to stop a good thing.  It would be NICE to stop taking them, because I don’t like putting things in my body that arn’t supposed to be there.  I don’t take antibiotics unless I’m at the end of my homeopathic rope.  One of the reasons I’ll never use the pill and think very little of it is because I don’t want to take something that’s going to monkey with my hormones unnaturally. I mean… increased cancer risk, acne, every other nasty side-effect and religious reasons aside… Have you READ the list of possible “side-effects” and “complications” for some of these things? It’s enough to make me think that child birth without an epidural is a GOOD thing.
But with the brain chemistry thing… damn. I like being on an even keel.  Not being suicidal all the freaking time is swell, really it is.  Course, who knows what wretched things it’s doing to me in the long term.  I probably have colonies of splotches growing on my liver and my innards probably glow a healthy radioactive green.

So, hey. I’m cautiously optimistic.  I figure we’ll try the multivitamin first, and move on from there.  James is going to die of some wretched disease that’s not seen any more in the industrialized world because of his lack of green food and I can feel his arteries hardening all the way down the road, inside my office, from  his lack of exercise.


March 8, 2006 - Posted by | Food, Unwashed Masses

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