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Whiny Crybabies, or, Continued Thoughts on Elitist Assholes

Yup.  Supreme court ruled today that federally funded colleges have to allow military recruiters access the same access other recruiters enjoy.

Ok, how you feel about the government, the military, whatever… why do you not like them on campus? We let everybody else on campus.  Communists set up booths in front of the  cafiteria, anarchists are everywhere (Come on, who wasn’t 18 and an anarchist? really?), religious groups hand out tracts, anyone who wants to can protest everything, including long lines in the cafiteria… why can’t military recruiters have their 15 minutes of campus fame?

some are protesting policy, some just don’t like the military, some think they’re lying to students and “killing children.”

I thought they were college students. I thought they were old enough to use reasoning and make decisions for themselves.  Not just in regards to whether to join the military–as to whether they even want to listen to the recruiter or look at the poster or take a pamphlet.  No one’s forcing anyone to take a religious tract, socialist party newspaper or military recruitment information.

I just don’t understand the dichotomy.  Some people are OK to listen to on campus.   And if you are someone who doesn’t like them being on campus, well, those groups have freedom of speach, bla bla bla.  And other groups are NOT ok to be on campus.  Sometimes its political or religious groups, sometimes it’s groups with ties to the government.  Ok, who’s so fricking smart that they “know” what is “good” for students, or “good” for the public, and what opinions and speach they should or shouldn’t hear? That just seems like intellectual elitist bullshit.  “We know what’s best for you.”

Ok, say a kid does want to join the military, after hearing all the “propiganda.”  This kid passed by the socialist’s booth, the young Republicans, the young Democrats, two religious organizations and PETA.  He listened to the spiel, thought about it, and signs up. Then there’re the people that whine about the government killing people, whining “they’re just boys, they’re just kids, they dont know what they’re doing.”

I’m not arguing the rightness or wrongness of government, war, this war, the military… this is about whiny crybabies and college students.  College students are usually over the age of 18.  They can take in information from any source and make a decision on it.  It might not be the decision a parent or professor or peer would want, but it’s a decision. And said college student is an adult.  He or she can like… vote and stuff. And buy lotto tickets and cancer sticks/cigarettes.

It’s not like they were conscripted, so what’s the deal?  Oh wait, those people who know who should and shouldn’t be on campus again.  They’re sooo fricking smart, they know what’s best for everyone else.  I mean, it’s OK to find out for yourself the hard way why drugs’re bad, and why binge drinking is bad.  But other stuff… oh no, that’s just TOO CRAZY to even HEAR about. Words hurt, man.

I have a thing in general about  intellectual elitist assholes, and not just in the “who gets to be on campus” regard. I can’t even get into how much I can’t stand people who think they are better or smarter than others, or more entitled, more able to decide what’s best for others, simply because of their education or position (usually they feel their education entitles them to a position).  Everyone despises feudalism.  We’re so enlightened now days that we know better than to believe that certain groups of people were set apart by God and lineage to know what was best for others.  Now we elect those who govern and anyone has the ability to achive anything on talent and hard work.  Except for,yknow, those pesky intellectuals.  Because they KNOW SO FRICKING MUCH.  And they’re so SELF AWARE that being locked up in their ivory towers of aademia wouldn’t ever…. DISTANCE or DISCONNECT them from us mere working-class mortals.

But hey, what the hell do I know, I’m just a peasent without a phd.  I’m barely fit to shine their shoes. I certainly can’t decide to just NOT PAY ATTENTION to people who’s ‘freedom of speach’ I dont like or just dont give a damn about.  I’m just not that bright.

Once again, it just comes back to my distain for society.  I hope the mother ship comes for me soon.

*Side note… one of my favorite baseball players, Kerby Puckett has died.  That makes me sad.  He was a great player, and he was so young.


March 7, 2006 - Posted by | Thoughts, Unwashed Masses

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  1. basically, I agree with you.

    [insert bill hicks quotes here]

    I’ve done the University thing

    I was on my hands and knees everyday praying to be abducted.

    and I wouldn’t be picky either…greyhound

    just my $0.02

    Comment by Epoch | March 16, 2006

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