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I [heart] my chiropractic group

I’ve been having the badness with the back this week.  Tuesday I was sitting on my bed, putting stuff in my bag, and when I got up, it was just like… SNAP. Everything busticated.  Possibly busticated as bad as on a very bad day/week before I started seeing the chiropractor. They were awesome. They saw me twice in one day, and they’ve been fitting me in every day they’re opened since then.

I [heart] them so much.  The office staff is nice, the rehab therapists are nice, the doctors are nice and friendly.  You can have a conversation about anything with any one of them.  They don’t just move on to the next thing or the next person.  I’d rather deal with them than my PCP.  Mostly they throw drugs at everything and suggest that losing weight is the cure to all my ailments, including earache.  And y’know, losing weight is SO easy to them.  Just eat less and exercise more.  Cuz, y’know, I’d have never fricking thought of that (or tried that) on my own.  So…I haven’t even been to them since I started going to the chiropractor, and I don’t regret it. They find out from you what the problem is, let you know what they think about it, then do the snappidy-snappidy with the spine, and do other stuff to make it feel better instead of the drugs, drugs drugs thing.

James goes there, my mom goes there, my youngest sister goes there, and my second youngest sister is probably going to start there when things quiet down.  I’m still in pain, but nowhere NEAR how bad it was Tuesday night when I came in the second time.  I can’t tell you how big of a difference the electrode stimulation made.  It let my muscles know… hey, it’s OK to relax! Cuz them being so tense was just exacerbating the problem.

And the opate stimulation… oh happy day.  They put these little electrode thingies on your hand, and oh man, is the 20 min of stimulation uncomfortable, but I dont think I’d be able to sit here without it.  Keeps the muslces from getting too tense and mostly makes me care less that it hurts, which, hey, is great too.  It’s not like any of the narcotics or anything else the MD ever gave me actually helped any more.


March 4, 2006 - Posted by | Sick or/of sleep

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