Suicidal Snowflakes

Just because I have a short attention span doesn\’t mean I…

Here’s a good idea…

Why don’t you shut the fuck up?

I’m so sick of the “socially conscious” people trying to save me, educate me, whatever. God, leave me alone. I dont hate on anyone because they are of some particular group. Unless that particular group is “fucking idiots.” I’m losing my capacity to tolerate people who accuse me of being intolerant and hating people just because I disagree with them. It’s called “Value Conflict Theory,” assclowns.

There are real, actual hate mongors in the world. You can’t reason with the unreasonable, however. Therefore your website promoting “tolerance” is just a little club where all of you “tolerating” types can get together and hug and cuddle and pat each other (and yourselves) on the back for “tolerating” or standing to be near each other.

I tolerate my husband’s farts. Tolerating other human beings implies that you hate them, or somehow feel they are beneath you, but you allow them to exist out of the generosity of your oh-so-big heart.

I have an idea… why don’t you just fucking ignore people that you dont agree with? It works wonders for me. I aint going to change them, they sure as hell arn’t going to convince me that they’re right. And I have enough shit to do every day without interracting with a complete waste of oxygen such as yourself.

Oh wait, you mean people who’re “different” than me??

I’m a unique fucking snowflake, asshole. You’re ALL different than me. I think it’s insulting that you think I should give a shit that you look different, come from some place else, have different habits or ideas than me. You’re not fucking me, idiot. And that’s why I’m better than everybody else anways. I’m me, and I’m the best fucking me I can be, and you’ll never take that away.

“Tolerance” is the most rediculous mental and emotional monkey spank I think I’ve ever seen.

And here’s the irony. People who pride themselves on being tolerant are really only tolerant of people with whom they share similar values. We get back to “value conflict theory,” a happy little sociology term that basically means that problems are what people think they are. So, you tolerant people all think the problem is the same thing–us intolerant people. Y’know, those of us with different VALUES. And because our values are not the same as your values, we’re intolerant, hatemongers that need to be reeducated in some vietnamese camp. Ho Chi Mih this.
Does everybody have to like you and approve of you? Are you that shallow and lame?? Are you so shallow and lame that you actually think you’re full of “layers,” and are so smart that you can bring enlightenment to all of us poor schlubs that just don’t fucking get it??

Oh my god. Shut. Up. Let me kill innocent soy in peace. I hate people who’re intellectual elitist assholes. That doesn’t cause me to perpetrate crimes against them. Shit, I’m even nice to the little fuckers when we come face to face. But holy crap, any hate I harbor in my heart is mine to harbor and cherish like it’s a little pretty gem or a fluffy puppy. I will cradle it and rock it to sleep at night. If I aint hurting anything, let the hate play on. I mean, I go about my day hating idiots who pull out in front of me, anyone and everyone pulling out of The Coffee Tree, most of the people I talk to in any 24 hour period, certain other people who will remain nameless, and the jerk who keeps leaving cigarette butts on my retaining wall.

Do you know this? No. Do you care? I think you do. You think I should love every asshole in the world because of some unique thing they do like hug trees or kill birds or own real dolls or something. It’s like you want a pat on the back for some personality quirk or opinion, because you really have no actual accomplishments other than BEING.

No one gives me a medal for doing the shit I do in any given day, and one of them is putting up with your fucking SUV-driving asses who tell me how to run my life so as to save the planet from impending doom. I’m not fucking special because I burn easily and have green eyes. I’m not fucking special because I’m the decendant of Italian peasents, cranky German men and potato farmers. Nobody fucking cares that I pay my bills on time, work for a living and actually got married to a person of the opposite sex with whom I have no kinky open marriage arrangements. No one cares that I’m dull-as-fuck, mop my kitchen floor and go to graduate school part time, or that I put myself through school. I’m a suckup asshole or something because I’m white. I’m probably an even bigger asshole to these people becaus I’m Christian, and possibly the supreme overlord of assholes because I’m Catholic, getting a post-bac education and actually achieving something with my life.

Yes, i’m fucking bitter. I came from slightly less than nothing. I can’t even tell you the depths of our poorness growing up. We’re talking Marinas trench sort of depts. I. Fucking. Made. Something. Out. Of. My. Self.

So excuse me if I fail to give a shit about people who want a pat on the back and a hug for simply BEING. Come knock on my door when you’ve done something special like “overcoming,” or just shutting the fuck up.

I’m lots of boring things that no one finds “special” because I’m not some kind of championed minority. You’re a unique snowflake, whatever. We’re all unique snowflakes. Oh you’re so special because you’re a dyslexic transvestite raised by amish people. Whatever. I mop my kitchen floor. Ya aint fucking special. Mister Rogers might care, but I sure as hell don’t.
I wish we could set up some kind of code of benign indifference. it could be a knighthood of people who just don’t give a shit about how allegidly fucking special other people are. And we won’t do something lame like merely tolerate people. We’ll fucking ignore you. And we will take ignoring all the way to an active function. And the world will be a better place.


December 9, 2005 - Posted by | Social and Politics


  1. Standing ovation :-)!

    Comment by Daily Dog | December 10, 2005

  2. I think the part of that site that pissed me off the most was the one that said “Acceptance-Fuck Tolerance”. Wholesale acceptance even worse than tolerance. I can tolerate people and organizations like PETA who espouse crazy shit because I live in a free country. I may not like what they say but I have to let them say it. I do not, however, have to accept what they say. I think that their message is crazy and will potentially fuck up a generation of people. Acceptance implies that I value someone else’s opinion as equally valid as mine. Just blindly accepting other people’s ideas, words, and lifestyles without question will just turn us into a nation of sheep.

    Comment by HMC | December 12, 2005

  3. But only if your ideas exhist within that happy little sphere of their own paradigm of exhistance. If you happily have your own seperate value set that conflicts with their value set, then you’re crazy and need reeducated. Because, you see, their way of seeing the universe is the only way.

    In that way, many of them, including the eco-terrorists and the like are like the neo-nazis, but in the other direction.

    The rest of us spend a good portion of our exhistance just not giving a shit about what people do in their personal time or believe about the creation of the universe or the position of man on the foodchain, and we simply request reciprocation.

    I mean, really, if people cared nothing for what everyone elese is doing or thinking or believing, there would be a hell of a lot less violence in the world.

    Comment by TLG | December 12, 2005

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