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Trying not to wimper

EXTREME backpain today. I didn’t sleep too well last night either, because all the muscles in my back and leg were cramping. Usually its the left hip and leg that gives me grief. Today the right leg has found new ways to make me cry. Seriously–when I first got into work, I think I was in shock, the pain was so bad. I was all clammy and stuff. I’m fairly miserable, and I’d just go home, but I know I’d be just as miserable at home. I might as well save the sick day for a day when it’ll actually do some good to be home and sick. Oh yeah, and now my shoulder and arm is starting to hurt again. I think I’m doomed. Not even the playlist of world peace can get me out of this one.


October 11, 2005 - Posted by | Growly and/or Whine


  1. Not to be a smart ass but have you tried Aleve? I have an arthritic knee and a self-diagnosed torn rotator cuff and Aleve works wonderfully. It really is superior to asprin or Tylenol. Just make sure to double or triple the dosage. It says to take one but I usually take between 1-3 depending on the pain. It does work.

    Comment by HMC | October 11, 2005

  2. I took about four advil when I got in. I’ll haveta try alieve or however the hell you spell it. I’m not ready to jump off a bridge quite as bad as I was before, but it still really fricking hurts. The doctor never gives me anything that I can “live” with. It’s always something that knocks me the hell out.

    Comment by TLG | October 11, 2005

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