Suicidal Snowflakes

Just because I have a short attention span doesn\’t mean I…

I’ve been thinking…

I actually looked at the calander, I could, in theory, get some/quite a bit of my homework done in October, so that I have more free time to write in November. I’ve already proven that 1,666 words a day is doable for me. In fact, I look forward to this. Maybe I can fix all the zillion numerous problems in the first draft (we’re talking chuck it away completely and start over) and have something submitable. SUBMIT!! SUBMIT!! BOW BEFORE MY LITTLE PONY’S AWESOMENESS…. sorry, brief acid digression. Moving right along…

I wonder if I could get James to do it with me this year??? That’d be awesomely awesome coolness if I could 🙂


September 26, 2005 - Posted by | My Little Pony, Wordy

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    Comment by Shania | September 26, 2005

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