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They should be out feeding the homeless or something

How many times has some moaned and complained that the church is “too rich” and instead of paying to build and upkeep big beautiful churches, they should donate that money to the poor. Or they should sell off their paintings and do something for starving people.

Can someone out there tell me what purpose THIS serves?

Art is art, I’m sure it’ll be “inspirational” or mean something to someone… but I don’t want the same people who build 200 foot-long stuffed animals to tell me how I should be spending my money, or that an organization that *I* am part of should liquidate it’s assets for a temporary rise in the amount of assistance given to the poor.

The poor will ALWAYS be with you, Jesus told the deciples. Of course this isn’t said (or taken) in resignation, and we should just give up attempting to help our fellow man. But a temporary boost in support for a particular program, or a particular part of the world is just that–temporary. We’ll deprive generations of people beauty and art and spiritual INSPIRATION (and assitance with their own spiritual formations, for that matter) by stripping all the churches down to the studs and selling St. Peters in rome to a brewery.

In fact, you might be doing one shot in the arm of good, but preventing generations of people from being inspired to ASPIRE to something more. Aspiring to follow the examples in the stained glass or paintings they see, aspiring to elevate their own following of Christ by helping others because of an emotion that caught in their throat at the sight of something truely beautiful and meaningful.

We have lost our awe. This has left us with giant bunnies in the Italian hillside and the supporters of the bunnies complaining OTHERS should “do more” for the poor.


September 23, 2005 - Posted by | Religion, Social and Politics, Unwashed Masses

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