Suicidal Snowflakes

Just because I have a short attention span doesn\’t mean I…

I almost hit cancle.

Mostly because I don’t want a bunch of political hate-mail left of my blog. It’s like getting beat to death with a bible, only it’s the other party’s mantra instead of a Giddeon. They’re only doing it “for your own good.” Of course, that’s also why abusive husbands beat their wives. I’m going through a rough few days personally as we clean out my grandparents’ stuff, and I really don’t want to get into “it” with “them.”

I posted it here to archive it, to remember the night I listened to my grandmother’s music boxes as I went through my great greandmother’s postcards. And because the temptation to censor myself so that “people will like me” is rather great. I try to avoid politics, but if I avoid it in it’s entirety, I’ll stop being who I am and I’ll only post what I think people want to read.

Anyways, here’s the letter I sent a dude who’s radio show I listen to. I had a bit of an epiphany tonight, and I figured while I still had the nerve, I’d say what was on my mind.


Tonight I was going through my great grandmother’s postcards of places she visited on her world tour in the 70’s, and when I came to the pile of postcards from Jerusalem, I had to stop. Suddenly, I know what’s wrong with the United States. I knew ON September 11th that when that day passed, we’d forget our anger and our pain, and we’d go back to trying to make the world like us and play nice. We forgot what it was like to watch that unfold, and in our heart of hearts, as a nation, want to set things straight.

My great grandmother thought this museum was so important that she bought an entire book of postcards.

I never knew what to think of the Holocaust museum in the US, it felt kind of weird to me that we were focusing on the worst of human history, but look how quickly we forget. It’s been four years, and we don’t remember how we felt on September 11. Imagine how we would have forgotten the worst of human folly without a “remembrance authority.” Would it be a different world if we had forgotten the holocaust? What sins would we have repeated?

I think our “remembrance authority” in this country is the media, and I think they’re very quick to help us forget. Maybe we need to start our own “remembrance authority,” so that your kids and my kids will understand why we went to war, not the media’s “war for oil” lie, but the real reason–the 3,000 people who died that day, and our promise to not let it happen again on our soil. If we don’t start a grass roots remembrance authority, who will?

We always say we should take the first step, instead of whining about how someone else “has” to do this because it’s important. And I know you’re doing your part. You keep the 9/11 coverage on your site, and you never let us forget on your program. Is there some way we can start a codified grass-roots effort to make sure that history never forgets?



September 17, 2005 - Posted by | Social and Politics, Thoughts

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