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Just because I have a short attention span doesn\’t mean I…

Back to the postcards thing

I haveta be up at 7 so that means I can’t sleep. It’s how this works. But honestly, I think Im about to have an earache, my ears are all stuffy and poppy.

Anyways. because I can’t sleep I’ve been organizing my great grandmother’s postcards by riegion. I’ve got all the scandinavian stuff in one pile, Israel and the middle east in another, and I’ve been a complete b-tch and I’m organizing all the other european countries in their own piles. Because they’re special like that.

And I was thinking..> there isn’t a single place I wouldn’t want to go. Except maybe scandinavia. All the medows and stuff looked kinda boring. there’re medows in germany. between the monistaries and cool stuff to look at.

Then I found postcards from THE VIKING MUSEUM., Which was so cool I almost wet myself.

Instead of being a ninja-cowboy-pirate, I’ve decided to be a viking-ninja-pirate. I told james he could be a viking-pirate-cowboy. You gotta cover all the bases, you know.


September 17, 2005 - Posted by | Family & Friends, Random & Miscellany

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  1. But doesn’t Norway have the highest standard of living in the world..? I’d like to see how they do it.

    Comment by HMC | September 19, 2005

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