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Retirement plans

I like going to school and learning. that’s not true. I HATE going to school, but I like learning. Hate the intellectual elitists that run “institutions of higher learning.” I like to just read what interests me and learn and learn and learn. I wish I had time to just sit in the library and read all day. I’m sure it’d take a long time before that got boring.

Maybe that’s what I’ll do when I retire. First I’ll donate a heavy oak table to the library, and they’ll put a little plaque on it that says “In Honor of…” Or “In Grateful Thanks To…” because that’s what those things always say.

So I’ll come in every day with my big old lady bag. And I’ll settle in at the table and pull off the shelves whatever’s interesting me that day. I’ll sit at that same table every day.

One day I’ll come in late and some kids’ll be sitting there, and I’ll tell ’em to get away from MY. They’ll ask “What, is your name on it or something?”

And I’ll say yes, YES it is.


September 10, 2005 - Posted by | Thoughts

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  1. Only, when you point at the little plaque, use your sharpened knitting needles to make a vicious point. =)

    I like learning too and I kinda sorta enjoyed going to school–sometimes. I liked sitting through lectures given by teachers who liked what they taught and knew what they were saying. I’d really rather have someone like that tell me about things than read a textbook. However, I hated doing the bullshit assignments like keeping a journal and sharing our feelings about a certain story. I also wasn’t a big fan of summarizing. That’s why going to computer classes after the english ones was so good. No one ever asked how I felt about a line of code. Actually, that might have been funny if it ever happened. “So this method will call the superclass and initialize the constructor. How does everyone feel about that? Good?”

    Anyway, after the rambling, I guess my point is that I didn’t go to grad school because I couldn’t stand the condescending smugness of the highly educated. My little sister is like that. She’s so smart that when she comes home from her top-tier college, she’ll go on and on about how universal some story by Goethe was and that if more people actually read, the world would be a better place. All I can counter with is “I guess you’re right. We all should read more. I’m just so busy working on programs that will help the sick and elderly get their Social Security money faster that I forgot how important the classics are.”

    Comment by HMC | September 10, 2005

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