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Um…no, I DONT want to be like everybody else.

I’m so tired of hearing how Americans think we’re better than everybody else. We are no better than everyone else, therefore we should pay as much for gas as everybody else.

1) We might not be better than “everyone else” but we’re certainly better than France.

2) We are America, DAMNIT. And our sins aside, we have some shit that we do REALLY WELL, and the shit that do well we are REALLY FRICKING GOOD AT. So yes, we are better than everybody else, from that perspective. Like the internet–we made that, and we made it rilly rilly gewd. So NO I don’t think we should “share” and give our loose perception of control over to the UN, the people that gave us the oil for food scandal and all of the horrible rape and harassment tales. Now and again that sense of entitlement is legitimate.

3) I think we’re using the “we’re no better than anyone else” thing as an excuse to solve the problem. I think instead of just moping about it, bitching about people and their SUV’s and how we feel they’re not entitled to their big ass cars and their lousy parking (another rant for another day–I know), we need to come up with creative solutions to the problem.

We haven’t built a refinery since the 70’s, that’d be a good start. Maybe a little bit more than just a tax insentive for hybrid cars–they’re still out of the price range of most Americans. How’s about getting rid of the 45-50 cents worth of tax on the gas?? That’d knock the price down to like $2.25. How’s about some local drilling? We’re sooo afraid of maring our beautiful landscape, then we wonder why we’re dependant on foriegn oil. One or the other, peeps. One HAS to be more important to you than the other. That’s arrogence–it’s OK to mar other people’s landscapes, but not ours for oil.

4) Stop whining about how we should ride our bikes or ride public transit. My husband and I carpool. Busfair to work is $2.25 plus a 25 cent transfer. That’s $5 one way. Oh yeah, and I get off at midnight and there arn’t any buses running that late. It’s five minutes on the highway from here to there… but it’d take me an hour on a bus to get here, and God knows how long to walk home. It’s STILL cheaper to drive. I can make 7 trips on one 10 gal tank, plus my weekly trip down town and a few misc. shopping trips.

Ride my bike you say?? a) it’s up hill both ways. Were I but fit enough to do that. b) had I but the TIME to do that. I pay extra on housing to live close to work because I go to school full time and work full time. I don’t have time to bike 45 minutes or an hour because I’m really slow and it’s up hill both ways. It’d take me more time than I have right now to train to be able to ride my bike to work and quickly to work.

When I lived in Chicago, I took the train and bus everywhere–they have pretty good public transit. But lets face it–for the most part, public transit SUCKS in the US and stuff is TOO FAR AWAY to bike in places that arn’t cities. When we were at my in-laws in KS, I put 220 miles on the car “in town” in a week. This was two trips to the movie theater, a few stops at wally-world and three trips to the gym (yes I’m a gym nazi and I even go on vacation). Around here… the buses don’t run after 12, it’s rare to live anywhere NEAR a busline, and some routs run infrequently. You know, basically the ones *I* live near.

5) I. Need. My.Car. Thanks for telling me what to do, yuppy assholes who can live my life better than me. If you really are worried about a depletion of natural resources and the state of the environment, try coming up with some real solutions to problems for real people who have real needs and not a ton of money. I know this will be different for you from just whining and bitching and moaning about how awful everyone is and ordering us around and telling us to STOP doing something without providing a viable alternative. Want me to take the bus? How’s about an additional rout or two. Want me to buy a hybrid? Make it financially viable up front, instead of POSSIBLY years down the road as fuel savings add up (of course it costs more to repair because it’s a specialty car, but we’ll not talk about that).

In conclusion–I will not whine about the price of gas. I will whine about people whining about the price of gas.


August 31, 2005 - Posted by | Social and Politics

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