Suicidal Snowflakes

Just because I have a short attention span doesn\’t mean I…

…I’m willing to give Pat Robertson a pass

Everybody’s all “oh my god, How could Pat Robterson say that!!??” Ok, I can understand the shock. Usually you don’t expect a religious leader to talk about how we should be assasinating people.

…Or do we? I think the folks that’re being hardasses about it are being hardasses because they think religious people are evil, especially Christians in any shape and form. So it doesn’t surprise them that Pat Robertson thinks we should cap a few people here and there. Christians did go on a bunch of crusades and all.

Personally… I’m not offended, nor am I jumping on the “lets assasinate foriegn leaders” bandwagon. I think, maybe, Pat Robertson’s just getting old. Either he said a crazy old person thing or that little valve that keeps us from saying things we think. Come on, who hasn’t said to themselves that life would be easier without evil dictator A or B, and we should just quietly cap their asses? It might not be a hard-held opinion we have, but it might pass through the noggin in the heat of a certain situation. Maybe his “filter” is old and broken (or degrading).

Honestly… unless he started advocating stuff like this more often, and if his people didn’t wrangle him in and put him out to pasture (or at least renounce him as being crazy and old), I’m not going to worry. I think there’re too many REAL threats out there, and people who actually have the power to perpetrate violence on others, that I’m not going to worry about a crazy old televangelist.

Besides… the people who hate christianity and seek to find fault with it are going to find fault with it no matter what. If they can look at any one individual “in power” and tear them to little shreads, they will. Because of their deeply held belief that christianity is evil. Here’s the deal–people arn’t perfect. Sometimes they’re being imperfect, sometimes they’re being crazy. Oh. Well.

“But people listen to them!!??” I’m kind of tired of hearing this argument as well. First of all, most of us have a brain and are capable of independant thought and… gasp… discernment. And there’re people in the “we hate christianity” camp that’re just as brainless as the brainless blind followers. I know you think MOST of us are sheep, but we’re not. We can recognise an old guy saying crazy things. Get. Over. It.


August 24, 2005 - Posted by | Social and Politics


  1. I’m glad he apologized. I’ll accept the “it was the heat of the moment.”

    (Who did that song, anyway?)

    But this isn’t something new for the man. He’s called for a nuclear bombing of the State Department. He’s stood behind a despot in Africa so bad even GWB asked the dictator to step down. He’s asked for folks to pray for the death of Supreme Court justices.

    And, of course, there’s the whole 9/11/2001 thing with him and Falwell.

    If the man’s going senile, he needs to make a graceful exit from the public eye. If not, he needs to make a graceful exit from the public eye.

    Not everyone opposed to Robertson is anti-Christian. In fact, there’s an awful lot of Christians upset with him.

    Comment by Rob | August 24, 2005

  2. I’m glad he apologised too. It’s not nice to go around saying we should off people 😉 If he is getting senile (and I have a suspicion he might be… he’s been a little weird lately) I’m hoping his people’ll kind of get him out of the public eye. I dont exactly “follow” pat robertson, but i think some of his craziness is just exacerbated by the fact that the “we hate christianity” contingency runs the media.

    Comment by TLG | August 24, 2005

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