Suicidal Snowflakes

Just because I have a short attention span doesn\’t mean I…

But maaaaaa… I don’t WANNA have another earth-ending crisis!

Le sigh, lemme tell you. Lemme see if I can even remember all the times DC has blown up the entire universe… Crisis on Infinite Earths, Zero Hour, some other oh my god, the universe is ending thing, Our Worlds At War (I can count that, right? Hippolita died. That’s important). So, uh, have we killed anyone else lately? Wait, what was that one where Hal killed everybody? Nevermind.

So. So. So sooooooo… we have this “Infinite Crisis” thingy. Real original name, guys. You killed the multiverse. You can’t just go bringing it back (or killing it again for that matter) Just becaue it’s been 20 or so years and you’re bored.
George Perez (who did the art for Crisis on Infinite Earths) is doing this shebang, and it looks really perdy. I dunno. I’m just getting tired of DC being so event driven. Telling good stories is OK too, guys. Yes, I know it’s scarry. And perhaps uncharted territory for you. But come on, throw me a bone? How many times are you going to kill dear, sweet Donna Troy who never did anything to anyone else other than make the mistake of living?

UNLESS this world ending crisis somehow ends up with Sue Dinby and Jack Drack alive and stuff again, I’m gunna be mega pissed.

You know something? I haven’t even picked up my comics in like 3 weeks, and I don’t feel gut-wrenching pain like I used to?? Hell–I still haven’t read half of last month’s comics.

I remember when I’d get my crack-stack every week and I’d sit down and read them all as fast as possible… now days I like characters, but I’m just not enthused about their books. *sigh*

And the bastards brought Jason Todd back. I don’t know how I feel about that. I mean, good because it makes Bruce feel bad and sad and emotionally tortured (I just think we should all be mean to Batman. On principle.) But really… they brought Hal back and Ollie back but they are evil wenches that leave Barry dead and left Jason be dead for like 17 years or something. I don’t know. They just suck.


August 17, 2005 - Posted by | Comics


  1. I think Jason wasn’t even dead ten years…was he?

    I don’t know…I’m sort of excited about Infinite Crisis. I hope they kill Lois. =)

    I’m not so excited about George Perez art. I don’t like it at all.

    Maybe they will bring back Barry. Then they can have a Brave and the Bold book where Hal, Ollie, and Barry run around America saving Boy Scout troups and eating poisonous mushrooms. That would be bitchin’.

    Comment by HMC | August 18, 2005

  2. You can’t kill Lois. I like lois. Just y’know… not when any of the current DC writers write her.

    I’d feel dirty if they brough back Barry now. What happens to Wally if they bring back Barry?

    Comment by TLG | August 18, 2005

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