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Gather Us In… a musical and liturgical achievement

Yeah. I know.

So, I can’t control much when I’m cantoring about music choices. I state my preferences, but beyond that, I have little to no control over that stuff. Sunday morning was painful… everything was of mediocre composition and just difficult enough that the congregation had no fricking clue what was going on. The music was so mediocre as to be completely unmemorable. Typical. I think I can count on one finger the number of people composing music for use in the catholic mass that actually may be remembered 100 years from now.

Sunday evening I went again with my husband to a different church. When I’m “off-duty” I refuse to sing music with idiotic and mentally insulting words. Thus I ended up only singing the closing hymn Holy God We Praise Thy Name. During one of the truely wretched hymns, I dug through the red 70’s GIA hymnal (the one with all the readings in it) and every random song I looked at was just wretched. You know the drill “us” oriented, that whole stupid thing of relating God to us, as tho we were trying to recreate him in OUR image, or as we belive he should be. Nothing written before say 1963, I know I check the copyrights on the words and tune every time I look at a song. It’s instinctive. Usually it’s like… ooohhh so that’s why it’s so fricking weird.

Anyways, I did flip to “Gather Us In” and I skimmed the words real quick… and I was thinking to myself… compared to the pedantic melody and the shoddy acompaniment of the gloria I sang this morning, and the lame music they’re singing tonight, “Gather Us In” is a work of genious.

Lord, please help me find a parish with music that doesn’t burn my ears and eyes and leave scars on my mind. Amen.


August 16, 2005 - Posted by | Music, Religion

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