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Continuation of my last thought.

I’m beginning to suspect our fear of greatness is directly proportional to the level to which we exult mediocrity.

Stop if I’ve told you this one before, but I was in the car listening to Barber’s Agnus Dei (i think it was Barber) and it made me cry. The only thing I could compare it to, is standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon at dawn (see previous post) and being awed and overwelmed by the magificance of God. The Grand Canyon is pretty spectacular, but God is not limited to it. God is more awesome than even that. God is even more awesome than a man-made musical work, but it certainly makes your breath catch as some small piece that is the enormity of God settles into your soul.

Lets see… that, versus the mediocre and unmemorable music with the shallow self-centered words that I’ll be singing this weekend at church. It’s almost a waste of the money I spend on voice lessons.

No wonder there’re no Bachs writing church music in this era–we don’t strive for true beauty, we strive for mediocraty. The bare-minimum that we can do and call it a church building, or a song. We have nothing inspiring around us, which contributes to the uninspired material that keeps coming forth. We don’t call Bach for what he is–a genious–because it’d make the guys that like music and have a vague grasp of music theory feel bad that their stuff is meh, ok. And we sing/play that stuff at mass every week to the exclusion of stuff that’s withstood the test of time. Under the assumption that whoever wrote it is “just like me,” and therefore the music is somehow more relevent than something that’s been played for 500 years (yeah yeah, Bach aint that dead yet, but you get the point–or God forbid, ch-ch-chant. That’s like… millenia old). Because we’re soooo much fricken smarter than our forefathers. No, not smarter, just “more enlightened.” We don’t old their prejudices and are willing to ’embrace new ideas’ even if those ideas are more bland and vanilla than the bean it comes from.

Man… no wonder God flooded the earth. I think we might be hopeless.


August 13, 2005 - Posted by | Music, Religion, Thoughts

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