Suicidal Snowflakes

Just because I have a short attention span doesn\’t mean I…

I’m getting to a point, I swear.

Check out the picture/comments about the vestments.

“She sewed this set of vestments as well! Now…the cope might not be the high cut ones that I’m fond of, but its still a thousand times better than what you’ll see in most sacristies. This one is not made out of polyester or some other cheap material. This darned heavy! And on the right, you’ll see Father’s roman chausable and his maniple”

I’ve seen vestments and altar dressings/covers made out of the cheapest materials known to man. I’ve seen shoddy ornamentation and decoration… they look like cheap halloween costumes.

You know what I’m talking about… the flimsy, cheap material that has such a low thread count it shreads and freys if you look at it wrong. Let me try to illustrate.

This isn’t a bad costume, right? You’d have fun at a costume party wearing this.

If you’re a teenager or a goth you may even accessorize this exceptionally well and go to a club wearing it or just hang out on the streets of your local college town wearing it.

You’d have fun, and people’d think you were a pretty original person. They might even admire your zest for life and bravery, or appreciate how you don’t care what other people think of you.

But here’s my question…

Would you show up to the oscars wearing it?

I know some people say they would. But wouldn’t you feel underdressed. Wouldn’t you be looking at the other people, in their fine clothes, and feel a little funny? Imagine standing next to a guy wearing a silk tie and a finely tailored jacket. Or standing next to a lady with coifed hair and an embroidered dress. Maybe you can’t afford to dress like that. But you’d probably try to do your best. Even a thrift store party dress or a $60 prom dress would probably be more appropriate to the occation than the cute, playfull dress pictured above.

Or would you rather wear… THIS?

Maybe you don’t want something quite so… ornamented. Maybe just something simple, with clean lines and a more finished look?

How about this?

I’m guessing be feeling better at the oscars in something better put together, even if it wasn’t a designer lable. As the specialness of the occation goes up, usually so does our attention to wardrobe.

The family picnick might get a new sundress or new hawaiian shirt. You haven’t seen Uncle Bob since this time last year, and you want him to remember wearing something that didn’t make you look like a slob till next year.

You’re going to a new restraunt for the first time. They have a wine list and a waterfountain in the middle of the seating area, from what you hear. You play it safe–a floral dress, or a pair of slacks with a collared shirt.

The office Christmas party this year is at an exclusive club, four course meal, free bar. You bust out an embroidered silk dress or an impeccably brushed navy suit for the occation.

It’s kind of fun to dress up, but we like fitting in with the atmosphere. It’s human nature to want to fit in with those around us, but also the locale. The theater in town where the symphony usually plays has black marble walls and gold/tan marble floors. I think I’d feel funny walking in there in jeans and t-shirt, even if it were just me and the doorman.

And yet our alters and our priests are dressed like as though they did their shopping at Party City. There is no higher event in our lives than going to mass. Maybe we’d remember it if we dressed the part. Of course, an atmosphere reflecting the magnificance of what transpires in the space would also be helpful, but I think we should affect change where we can.

Arguments about stark being an artistic choice aside, which bespeaks the glory of the Holy Mass better…

or, I don’t know…

Visually appealing and a balanced image, yes. Magnificant, grand, conveying the greatness of God and Jesus in the Eucharist? Probably not so much. Attention to detail goes a long way, imho.

Comparatively… THIS tries harder.

I have a further point to make about this in my next blog post.


August 12, 2005 - Posted by | Religion, Social and Politics


  1. Good Points, however I would not wear a dress to the Oscars.

    Reguarding the Roman Chausable up top, “I want, I want, I need, I need” to quote Bob from What about Bob.

    Comment by Patrick | August 12, 2005

  2. I dunno. I’m a chick, I tend to view things from a chick’s point of view 🙂 I did mention a nice suit or tux in there once or twice 😉

    Comment by TLG | August 12, 2005

  3. Were I to go to the oscars I would give a big middle finger to the establishment and go casual. But that is me. I like your site! fun to read, How about a little quid pro quo? Come join the most rousing debate of the decade! Was Jesus part of generation next? Was Buddha a coke fiend? your voice needs to be heard!

    Comment by Danius Maximus | August 12, 2005

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