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What the hell happened again?

Oh yeah, my weekend happened. I think. It’s certainly gone, so I guess it went somewhere and in the course of leaving me just so happened to have transpired.

SUNDAY: Grandpap came home from the hospital–he’s glad to be boosted out of that joint. I lost six hrs of my day and didn’t get to go swimming because someone had to stay with nana. Well, I won’t say it was a waste. I just had a bunch of other stuff to do. I didn’t get done everything I needed to do… yet again. Like swimming. There needs to be more swimming in my life. Oh well.

Saw Batman Begins at the IMAX–dumped entire soda on the floor of the place. They were kind enough to give me a new one, which I only drank about a forth of, left in the car all night then threw away the next morning. There was no food at said place. Not only were none of the restraunts attached to the place open, but the concessions stand didn’t have so much as a pretzel. What the hell was up with that? Ended up going to Denny’s afterwords and sitting across from some very annoying prostitots that I think ran and stiffed their very nice waitress. Well, I know there was no money on the table. But I don’t even think they paid the bill.

Proceeded to get a hardcore flat tire on the highway on the way home. We couldn’t get the tire off to change it was the spare, so James had to walk all the way home to call AAA. While I was waiting, I was subject to many forms of asshattery. There were the people who blew past me at 80mph… hey, I like doing 80 too. But when there’s a person and a car in the little striped area between the offramp and the single lane going toward down town, you should PROBABLY slow down on both. Every time they passed, the car shook. There were also the people who NEVER TURN THEIR BRIGHTS OFF!!! And I hate these people most of all. It’s bad enough when you’re driving and they’re coming towards you, and they wait until they’re pretty damned close to turn off their brights. But blowing past a pedestrian and NEVER TURNING THEM OFF is just rude. I think I STILL have a headache from the blinding lights.

MONDAY: NO IDEA what happened to Monday. But it got piddled away somehow and I didn’t get anything done around the house.

TUESDAY: morning completely lost due to going to Oakland for transcripts. Transcripts that come up in this story again later.

WEDNESDAY: Had to get up so FRICKING EARLY that Quinn and Rose were on the radio. My brother was in the car, tho, so no talk radio goodness for me. It’s wrong for me to be up when Mr. Quinn is on the radio. It’s unnatural.

Anyways, they’re registered for classes. I bow before my brother’s money saving foo. He paid in full for his tuition… and our sister’s. I really do hope she pays him back in a timely manner. I don’t hold out much hope for that, but I hope it happens. She needs to start evolving into a responsible human being. Don’t we all.

Ok… here’s where the transcripts come in. I went in to sign up for an education class to facilitate my getting the hell out of grad school on time. And when I filled out the application, they said I needed transcripts from all schools I’ve attended. Which is fine. That’s usually how applying to a school works. But I have been putting off registering classes for about two weeks while my undergrad transcripts were mailed to me. So the class I really wanted to take was closed, and I ended up in a class that’ll count towards meeting my education requirement but that I probably won’t learn a damned thing in.


So I did what any sensible person would do–I waited until about 11pm and busted open my undergrad transcripts that I paid five dollars for… I really didn’t do as bad in undergrad as I thought I did. The A’s and B’s far outweigh the C’s. It’s weird how time sort of clouds your perception of how you did.

Oh well. Plans for today?? I’m going swimming, come hell or high water (hardy har har) then my voice lesson, then I have to pick up my music for Sunday at church. Right now I need some breakfast. Sooooo hungry. So very hungry. Gnawing off own leg, now.


August 11, 2005 - Posted by | Angst, Family & Friends

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  1. How was this entry not up at 7:00 when I got into work but up at lunchtime with a timestamp of last night? It is en entry of mystery…

    Comment by HMC | August 11, 2005

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