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Our Lady of the Millenium

Not sure how I got bit by the bug to look this stuff up. I saw this statue in 1999 (eons ago, I know) when I lived in Chicago (I miss it a lot). There was a big mass and it was parked out on the street in front of the church. It’s 33 feet tall, made of stainless steel. The face, hands and feet are solid and her robes are made out of thin ribbons of steel. When you’re up close, it looks like robe made out of flowing water. It was blessed by the pope during his visit to St. Louis, and it was blessed again by Cardinal George the weekend it was in Chicago (mother’s day weekend, of all things). It’s just pretty darned magnificant and impressive. I remember the moms who had gotten carnations and roses leaving some of them at the feet of the statue. It still makes me a little teary.

I’m working up to something with this, methinkst. Give it time.


August 4, 2005 - Posted by | Photos, Religion

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