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Putting my sofas up for adoption

I actually busted into tears when I put my sofa on Freecycle. It’s part of a matched set that belonged to my grandparents. They’re brown/yellow plaid and wood and probably not attractive by human standards, but I still love them. I think they’re kind of cool and vintage. I get teary-eyed thinking of parting with something else of theirs. I miss them both. All I can think about is the covers they both were covered with, brown and tucked neatly under the arms. No wonder the bigger one is in worse shape, it was right in front of the tv and got sat on more. There was also the brown one with the weird cushions that grandma would take off to make the couch a better bed when I slept over. I wonder where it is now.

The upolstery is course and dry rotted, kind of like the way I remember their puke yellow shage rug feeling between my fingertips. When I was a kid they had the most uncool house in the world, now I can’t think of anything better. Even the old broken sterio and the ugly green rag rug under the kitchen table. Even their teapot with the hole in it. I miss it all. Mostly I miss them.

It’s made me funny in the head. I wanted to keep the two as a set, even though we only need to get rid of the one that needs work. I told ’em I’d be willing to trade one comfy sofa for both of them, to keep them together. Like I can’t bear the idea of them being off alone in the world.


July 21, 2005 - Posted by | Haus und Heim

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