Suicidal Snowflakes

Just because I have a short attention span doesn\’t mean I…

UGG… where’s that USB cable.

I had great pics from the zoo I haven’t downloaded yet because I thought I left the cable for my camera at work. Then I took an awesome picture of my eye all dialated, and now I’m at work, and I STILL can’t find this cable. What the heck did I do with it? Oh well.

I went to the eye dr’s today. The new guy’s pretty cool. He’s extremely thorough and actually wants me to write down my sleep schedule and my eating schedule in relation to when I’m getting my headaches. He’s probably taking it more seriously than my PCP. He also has me coming back in a couple of weeks for another test. I likes my eyeballs and I must take good care of them.

Did I mention my crazy dizziness was due to fluid not draining in my ears? Yeah. Well, it is. And I’m TOTALLY not surprised. All you have to do is look at me wrong and I get an ear infection. Oh well. It’s easily correctable which is pleasing. Except the stuff she gave me for the dizziness is an antihistamine, which means I feel like it’s 4am all the time. Work your magic, magic nose spray!!

I have a little bamboo plant in my cubicle. I bought it at the dollar store for… are you ready for it… a dollar. Yeah. Totally cool. I might try to get another one or something.


July 6, 2005 - Posted by | Technology & The Intarweb

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