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The best seat in the house…

replete with fiery shards of metal and unexploded pieces of cardboard. That’s what happens when you sit close. I kind of liked it. It wasn’t the greatest fireworks show, or even the best one I’ve seen there, but it’s a unique experience to be able to walk away and say yes, I was hit by shards of metal for fifteen minutes and I was too tired to move or care.

I think James is pissed at me that I made him go into the outsides. I made him go to the zoo today too. What’s wrong with going outside?? Why would you want to waste your entire life in front of a computer screen? No wonder you never update your blog–you never have any experiences in the outsides to write about. I keep saying how I dont want to waste my summer again, and James is like, good, do something… as long as he doesn’t have to actually do it with me. sigh. I want to do things together and have fun together… like a family. I dont know. I guess I’m asking too much. It was a typical holiday. At least one person stormed away from the table. Melissa marched off, then James marched off. Which is how holidays usually work in my family.

And I had EVERYBODY over here. Which is not what I was planning for at all. I had to rush like a madman to get the outside cleaned up, the cardtable outside, food cooked… Bloody hell. my whole fucking weekend was like that. Rushing around and doing all this extra crap. I want a REAL DAY OFF. I mean it was great I got to go to the zoo… but that’s not exactly relaxing–its up hill both ways. Which accounts for the gym being closed today but still.

The most relaxing part was when we were waiting for the fireworks to start. I know James was upset because he was bored, but lord, I needed that. I’m tired of going like a bat out of hell all the time. I seem to accomplish just as little either way. Who’re these people that get done everything they want to get done in a day? Why can’t I be like them?

The prostitots were out in force tonight. They look like slutty little Skipper dolls. There was this one that was like 13, trailing behind this boy that looked like absolute trouble who was probably more like 16. She was wearing short little cotton shorts, her hair was straightened and she wore more black eyeliner than Hillary Duff. I was thinking to myself… you poor child–you’re being exploited by everyone around you. I am pretty sure I know why your boyfriend keeps you around, and your mom lets you dress like that, probably because it’s an ego trip for her when the old guys look at you lustfully. You’re being exploited by society to think that your worth is tied up in your appearance and your ability to sexualize yourself, and you’re going to wake up in your 20’s lonely but surrounded by people and wondering why your life is so unfulfilling.

Then I saw the lady my mother’s age take off her shirt. She wasn’t wearing a swimsuit on beneath it either. I guess she was showing someone her sunburn or something? Maybe she forgot she was in public. Yeah, that’s it.

It was a total freak show.

That being said… I still had a good time.


July 4, 2005 - Posted by | Holiday

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  1. The lady taking off her shirt made me think of going to the DMV. I went to go get my car registered like two weeks ago and ended up talking to this lady who was 50-60 years old. She was no spring chicken or sexy bird. Yet, as we were walking back out to our cars, I noticed that she was not wearing a shirt under her overalls and when she lifted her arm, her jacket rode up treating me to the sight of old booby, nipples and all. I didn’t say anything; what do you say to a naked breast?

    Comment by HMC | July 5, 2005

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