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Depressing factoid

Sarah had been in the choir all her life. She predated the choir members now pushing 80, she predated every priest at the parish… she may have even predated God, I don’t know. She never stood on cerimony. She’d wear her pink zipper up sweat shirt everywhere, including funerals.

When her parish was combined with another, she had no compunction about singing at both churches, even if the choir director she’d been used to for 40 years was no longer there. She’d make the trek up the four flights of stairs to the choir loft every week without complaints. She just asked that no one walk behind her, incase she fell, she didn’t want to cause a domino effect.

When the priest at her parish turned into Captain Insano and got rid of the choir, she shrugged her shoulders, picked up her stuff, and moved on to a church in need of a choir, and was the first person of the old choir to join the new church. She started slipping there towards the end, and we’d try to help her find the right page and the right music, but she was a sweet lady and we were glad to have her. A year or two ago she had a stroke, and has spent the remainder of her time in a nursing home.

I went to pay my respects at the funeral home tonight. Her sister said that everyone from the choir had come. How could we not? Everyone knew Sarah. She was the loud soprano in the back that could still hit all those notes, even in her 90’s, warbling aside. She was layed out in the same room of the funeral home my grandmother was layed out in… in the same dress. I almost didn’t recognise her. It wasn’t that she was thinner… it was that her smile was gone. And they hadn’t pulled her hair into quite as high of a bun as she usually kept it. Her hands were wrapped around a metal rosary with long, flat beeds, fingernails painted a delecate, fleshy pink.

I didn’t stay long. I gave my condolances to the family, and ran into someone I used to work at the pizza shop with. We talked about how much fun we had there and exchanged phone numbers/e-mail addresses. She has a 1 yr old now. Time flies.


June 28, 2005 - Posted by | Family & Friends

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