Suicidal Snowflakes

Just because I have a short attention span doesn\’t mean I…

…You set one deck on fire, and they’re taking away your incense.

Yeah. I had an… incident today. I got all exhausted and heat-stroked out from mowing the lawn, and went to take the mower back (fucker’s heavy, too–did I mention that?) I left not only the weed wacker (the purpose of the journey–taking it back to dad to be fixed so I could finish lawn)… I left my cutters on the front wall, three citronella candles lit on the front porch and the citronella torch going on the back porch. I dunno what was up in my head–I was pretty darned out of it. Anyways, the citronella torch melted down, and something caught… burnt up the rose bush it was stuck in, and the pot… James claims the porch was on fire too. Man, that’d make me feel real bad if I set the deck on fire. So all that’s left is the bottom part of the candle, a pile of dirt, and about 1/3 of the base of the self-watering pot. Which makes me sad cuz I paid like $5 for it. Oh yeah, and I’m sad about the deck thing too. And I’m sad about how James is going to tell everybody and Ted’s going to lecture me about being ‘sponstible, and one or both of the Joels will mock me mercilessly (because, y’know, NONE of them read my blog). And now James is gunna get on my case every time I light a candle or burn incense inside the house.

Well, the lawn’s mowed (oh lord did I nearly die from it tho), my skin’s thoroughly irritated from the grass dust the mower tends to kick up… couldn’t wack the weeds–the weed wacker ran out of string and the stuff I bought is too big. Didn’t get the weeds picked out of the garden, didn’t get the lawn raked.

Oh yeah, and the article I was writing is due Monday, but I said I’d have it in today for preview… well, ok “was writing” is kind of optimistic. Hows about the article I printed out some research for, but never actually read all the way through? Yeah. And I have homework-homework due at midnight tomorrow, and I haven’t even STARTED the book that I have a paper on in a week.

Um… I haven’t watched Madem Butterfly and it’s due back at the library Tuesday, I didn’t do that “relaxing” thing I thought I’d do… or homework for that matter. Kitchen’s less than presentable for guests, I have no food that’s actual good food to feed them tomorrow… have I left anything out?? Uh… oh yeah, and I suck. I think that covers everything. And my finger’s bleeding.

There we go. THAT is everything.


June 26, 2005 - Posted by | Haus und Heim, Wordy

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