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Dr Who

What else is there in life, but Batman and Dr Who and Harry Potter?? Well, now that the season of Dr Who has ended, and I’ve seen Batman Begins, it gives me more time to concentrate on my Harry Potter obsession–which is important with the book coming out next month.

However, before we get that far. . . there are a few orders of business

  • Poor widdle Daleks. Vaporized out of existance with your atoms spread across time and stuff
  • Rose rocks. She totally saved the universe.
  • We can’t determine if Rose’s mom is a whore or not. Granted, being a whore implies payment at the time of service. But she did get an emergency services vehicle for her… uh… services.
  • Jenn and I were screaming NOOOOOO when the Doctor kissed Rose. We continue to live with ourselves by saying that it was basically a life-saving technique. Like CPR. but with the knowledge of the universe instead.
  • ITS THAT GUY FROM CASSINOVA!!! AKKKK!!! I’m not sure if I should be excited about the new doctor or freaked out. Actually I’m kinda freaked out. First of all, Christopher Eccelston was quirky and fun, and this guy seems… I dunno.. Smarmy. And not just because he was Cassinova, like… a week ago.
  • We gotta wait all the way till Christmas for “The Christmas Invasion.” Oh well, there’s always fanfic, I suppose.
  • Captain Jack got the shaft. His spaceship is blown up, and the Doctor left him on Satelite 5. That’s the raw deal. Jack died for the doctor! And I liked Jack. Even if he had a propensity to hide sonic weaponry in his asshole. What’s up with that?
  • And I’m sad the cute girl, Lynda with an Y died. Hell, I’m sad Linda with an I died too.
  • Which is less badder than the people who’ve been waiting for more Dr Who since 1989.

June 20, 2005 - Posted by | Nerdology, TV/Movies/Books

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  1. Oh Honey it was Sweet Lynda with a y. I’m sorry you have wax in your ears. They say it 2 times.

    Oh and don’t be sure about 6 months unless you’ve seen on the beeb site that’s when it’ll be back. I dunno yet.

    Comment by James | June 20, 2005

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