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What a bad day.

This would be the image of the man who broke my sister’s heart and ruined my cast-iron skillet.

I don’t even know if I can go into all the details now, but it’s a long, sordid tale, and this breakup occoured over nothing that actually happened in their relationship but was instigated entirely by his family. The stuff that pisses me off:

  • She was accused of something she didn’t do.
  • They wouldn’t even listen to her, and I know how hurt she is that they won’t listen to her and believe her, and have basically assasinated her character.
  • She’s being harassed by this woman and threatened (yes, the police have been notified) and I don’t know what else they’re going to do to her, or accuse her of. This woman seems deranged. I mean, if the person’s out of your house and gone from your life, why keep calling them and harassing them and threatening them?
  • They made Bill choose between my sister and them. If he chose Jenn, he couldn’t ever come home again
  • He didn’t stand up for her, or take her side… and in the end, he bowed under their pressure (over something that’s not only not true, but if it were, it’s being blown entirely out of proportion)… but this is the asshole who said he wanted to marry her two days ago. Sorry, part of marriage is sticking together, even if family’s involved. He’s a weak-willed jerk, as far as I’m concerned. But I can understand where he gets it from, if he’s in a family with those psychotic, harassive people.

She has done nothing but cry since last night. She’s been over my house crying since this morning, and just when we had her calmed down, and resting, those jerks call her again and harass her. What the hell kind of family gets THAT entrenched in their son’s relationship with a girl? Shouldn’t it be HIS relationship?? Guess not. This is why I think her friends Kaitlin and Kevin are doomed in their relationship–too much parental intervention. It’s a shame, they’re cute kids, but the boy’s been whipped by the girl’s family.

I know, I know, she’s better off getting out now before she marries into that psychosis. I mean, my mom’s nuts, but usually she doesn’t let people outside the family know this. They’re just going psycho on her ass. But I know how much pain she’s in now, and how much hurt they’ve all caused her–they were all getting along great for a week and a half, they were friends, they were family-ish, and now they’re threatening her. DERANGED. They’re supposed to be the GROWNUPS. The ADULTS. ADULTS to do not handle their issues and disputes like this. What adolescent CRAP is this??

He wants his ring back. Great. I suggested that Jenn let me hammer it flat with a mallet and we can send it back to him in an envelope with a 37 cent stamp. Jenn still cares for the bastard and won’t let me do it.


June 18, 2005 - Posted by | Angst, Family & Friends

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