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Today’s nugget of joy

If I’m up, and Quinn and Rose is on, it’s too damned early.


If I’m still awake and Quinn and Rose comes on, I’d better get the fuck to sleep.

Today was a long, and partially not fruitful day. I didn’t have the car registration with me (read: done) so the mirror got fixed but the inspection is incomplete. I wanted to do it this morning, but James threw a temper tantrum at the suggestion. Now I gotta go back OUT there.

The dr drained me of numerous vials of blood. I want my blood back, dammit. Got the short version of the neurological examn. The one where they determine that you’re not likely to die of a brain tumor in the next 24 hrs, and that’s about it.

Oh well, I got a bunch of my book that’s due monday read. I read for a zillion years after she said someone’d be in to take my blood, and then she comes back in with prescriptions, and she’s like… did they take your blood?? And I was like… no. And thinking oh great, I get to wait AGAIN. I also wanted to get out of there so badly I forgot to tell them I have a latex allergy so everywhere they touched me with the gloves and the rubber band tournaquet thingy I’m all red and ichy.

And I got HARDCORE lost today. Like, I had to find myself. Fortunately I found the rough end of Homestead and $1.99/gas just before my fuel light was probably about to come on. When you click over to 251.9 miles, you start gripping the wheel tightly and sweating profusely, wondering if the fuel light even works, or if you’re on the verge of stalling out and rolling backwards as you go up a giant hill.

So I was, of course, hardcore LATE getting to work (a meager 3.5 hours) and I cleared it with the boss, but forgot to e-mail the scheduler (I KNOW this will come back to haunt me) and then the boss didn’t come in today so everybody was wondering where the hell I am. Well, guys, I was wondering the SAME DAMNED THING when I crossed into Brentwood for the SECOND TIME.


June 1, 2005 - Posted by | Chamomile

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