Suicidal Snowflakes

Just because I have a short attention span doesn\’t mean I…

I hate the world

A clearly thought out and detailed analysis of why I hate the world

  • The people that wake me up talking loudly in the morning. That’s annoying in and of itself. The fact that they’re talking loudly while sitting on the retaining wall of my front lawn, smoking cigarettes and drinking and then leave their crap at the bottom of my steps REALLY makes me hate them and the world they live in
  • I am over a day behind in the homework for my Digital Libraries class because I can’t connect to the teacher’s FTP server. It’s making my head explode and I feel like the whole world is out of control because I’m so terribly behind in all of my homework.
  • I can’t fricking concentrate on my school work. I just can’t make myself sit down and think and be organized.
  • There’s very little TIME in which to engage in this endevor known as “concentration.”
  • The damned library. I hate the library and all of their “books.” The “books” often have words in them that are of interest to me. They sing out their siren song, and now that I’ve finally found a book that does not suck, I’ve taken to reading said book in all it’s glorious coolness and it’s prohibiting me from sneeking a page here or there of my homework, which is already hard to concentrate on.
  • The asshats at Atrias didn’t give me my baked beans last night. OK, fine, whatever. I called and asked them to credit my account for it. I did not ask them to charge me a second time on my card for the total of my order (burger+soup+baked beans) and ADDING the amount they were supposed to have credited my account in addition (burger+soup+baked beans+baked beans) thereby overdrawing my account because I hardly keep any money in it, because it’s MY account and not the one we pay bills and shit out of. Damned good thing I caught it this morning and moved money into the account. Damned Assclowns.
  • Everything is stupid and dumb.
  • I can’t concentrate on anything
  • I’m all flustered and tired and depressed and thinking maybe I should just quit school. Obviously I’m too stupid and lazy to keep up.
  • My inner-monologue sounds suspiciously like my mother and I feel like I’m in 4th grade and just not getting math, and getting yelled at about how stupid and lazy I am instead of actually getting real help that would actually be HELPFUL to me. Either I’m too stupid to figure out how to fix the problems in my life, or the answer is out there in some language I don’t speak, nor do I have the rosetta stone. Yes, I can use lower case letters with that because the term has penetrated far enough into the language that it can be used as an improper noun. Bite me.
  • I can’t handle it. My kitchen’s dirty, it’s driving me insane. My husband took all the clothes out of the dryer and crammed them into a basket, declaring “I don’t FOLD clothes,” thus wrinkling several of my shirts and making others unfindable. *I* have to fold the clothes when I wash them. You can’t just declare you’re not doing every chore that takes a long time and is unpleasent. That’s just disrespectful to me. That’s saying that I get to be your bitch and servant. It’s completely disrespectful to me and all the shit I happen to do that a) YOU don’t want to do, and b) I don’t want to do and c) YOU BENEFIT FROM. Cut me some slack here. I’m trying to go to school to make things better for US, and you’re not helping by making more work for me to do. Respect me enough to not make me waste my time.
  • I’m not going to be able to do this because I suck. People are stupid and I hate the world because of it, but I, personally, suck, and I can’t handle this.

May 26, 2005 - Posted by | Chamomile

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