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Just because I have a short attention span doesn\’t mean I…

Homework is my bitch for the next 9 hrs

Yeah, for the next nine hours, I’m caught up. My shit that’s due at noon is in.

Of course, I haven’t even started my paper that’s due monday, and I have no idea where to start. Some classmates have suggested watching the two 45 min a piece lecture videos on the book to give me an idea where to go.

It’s only 1k, right??? I used to do 2k every fricking day when I was working on the book.

Of course, with the book, I knew what I was talking about. Or if I didn’t I could just make it up and hope it sounded good. Fiction’s kind like that.

Ok, I haveta be up and bright eyed and bushy-tailed tomorrow. In a meager 6 hrs in fact. MAN I hate losing sleep. I’ll be too tired to bull shit my way through this paper tomorrow afternoon. Well, I might get up a little later. I’m kind of not in the mood to sing with the choir now that I’ve seen some of the music they’re singning. In my little world, where I’m the supreme ruler, OCP music just doesn’t fricking exist. Maybe I’ll just not go to rehersal. I hate being an elitist asshole like that, but sometimes it’s nice to have the ability to be an elitist asshole.

Especially knowing that the lady who constantly harshes my mellow is going to be all excited about this music and will tell me a thousand times “ISNT THIS NICE? ITS DIFFERNT. ITS NICE TO DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.” And I’ll have to, once again, refrain from wrapping my hands around her throat. Becuase that’s not Christian and stuff. I’m sure admitting you have homicidal tendancies every sunday counts for SOMETHING good, right?? I mean, i never act on them or anything.


May 22, 2005 - Posted by | Chamomile

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