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Humanitarian of the Year

Actually, there were a few other terms I was thinking of… Intellectual Elitist a–hole, Educated beyond his intellegence (a phrase I picked up from Mother Angelica) and, uh, asshat.

I’ve seen this attitude towards bloggers crop up in the media as well. They tend to think of themselves as the “legitimate media” because they have to go through a filter, be it an editor or producer. Which some people see as the problem–we get the editoral staff or the producing staff’s take on the universe for everything, including politics and raising kids. The “legitimate media’s” view of the world is the only one we see presented from “legitimate information sources.” This is the difference between content and communication, which is the ACTUAL driving force behind most industries (people use cell phones primarily to whine to their friends about work and plan tonight’s drinking binge, NOT get broadcast messages about weather, news and sports). Content is NOT King.

Obviously no one should be able to self-publish their opinion of politics, or their opinion of lunch without someone elses’ authority, approval and legitimacy 🙂

What’s the difference between my blog, and say, a “this is my family’s website” page from 10 years ago that was full of blinking text, obscenely bright colors and enough images to fill a year book? If it’s of no use to you–move on. It’s of use to the guy who put up the page, and his relatives in Tulsa that haven’t seen the kids in three years.

Sometimes, it’s also cool/educational to get a slice of other people’s lives. We don’t feel so alone. And it’s unadulterated, unfiltered and uncensored from every misspelled word to every last banal thought on the illigitimacy of Hunts katchup as actual Katchup. I think it’s advantage is the lack of filter. Look at the filth on TV, and that stuff gets PAST the censors. The only difference is… it’s the same old filth with no new twists or turns.

The “Whine factor” is also the honesty factor. It’s something that really, truely pisses said blogger off, without feeling the need to be delecate because someone’s feelings will be hurt, or ratings will be dropped. In a society where it’s uncouth to express rage, or express something less than a completely intellectual argument on something, the blogs’re needed. The author expressed his contempt for the people who expressed their contempt for him/his opinion because they didn’t do so in the terms of academic discourse.

The last thing I want to do after a day of working in academia then putting in two or four hours worth of school work is try to also piece together an intellectual argument. Some blogs are for that, some are reduced to thoughtfull pieces such as “Arn’t the pope’s shoes cool?” or “If the cheapa–es at work bought a copier that functioned, they’d save all that money they’re wasting on service calls and my head would stop exploding every day.” Then other people get to agree with you. “Yeah, man. My company makes us reprint on the back side of used sheets, but we waste more paper because we end up printing twice on the same side.” Most folks’re just trying to get through the day. Not write a monograph on the value of replacing your printer cartridge at regular intervals. PEOPLE WOULDN’T BE READING THIS STUFF, IF IT WERN’T OF INTEREST TO THEM. And some blogs don’t have an audience. My blog only has a few readers. But a LOT of people read Dooce, enough to make her blog of the year over a celebrity site.

Right now, blogs are the raw data that we’re collecting about everyday life in the early 21st century. 10 years from now, fifty years from now, and a hundred years from now, others will pare this information down, interpret it and analyse it. This guy’ll be whining years from now about how “legitimate academia” is taking Blog whining seriously. Remember, kids–Dickens and Conan Doyle were popularist serial writers with a popularist forum. Now everybody thinks they’re so cool and smart. There are no magazines/journals for short stories and serials. You have two choices: write comic books or blog.

IN CONCLUSION (yeah, I know I know, TOOK ME LONG ENOUGH) I think he’s underestimating the blogs still. I think in five or ten years’ time, he’s going to once again be appauled that we’re looking at blogs as historical documents, anthropological studies and cultural time lines (the exact day and hour Dan Rather fell out of grace with the American public, the moment when such and such movie, practice, fad, became all the rage, etc. There’re going to be search engines specifically for blogs. And he’ll still be waxing on about it in his “legitimate forum” to an audience as select as those that read certain blogs about how horrible it is.

I’d like to couch another asshat in there for good measure, point out that I haven’t had breakfast, the sounds from my husband’s video game are going to me lose my mind, I have 20 minutes left of battery life on my lap top, it’s really fricking cold in here, my grocery shopping it done for the week because I rock and I am a shopping ninja, and finally, Join the Dark Side. We have cookies.



May 21, 2005 - Posted by | Chamomile

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  1. So I randonly stumbled accross your blog, and found it quite interesting that you mentioned the wierd little voyeuristic tendency we have, wanting to see a slice of someone’s life, someone else, that is. Anyhow, I’ve enjoyed your words…keep putting them out there.
    katie michel

    Comment by Bigger than Me | May 23, 2005

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