Suicidal Snowflakes

Just because I have a short attention span doesn\’t mean I…

It’s over. Life can go back to normal.

After we sat in Steak N Shake for like half an hour without anyone paying us a jot of attention, then high-tailing it to Eat N Park (fear the N!! FEAR IT!!!), then took Full-bodyed Joel home (Joel Latte had early class and couldn’t go with us) we didn’t get home/crawl into bed until 5:15 and I just didn’t have the energy to jot anything down. But here goes.

  • It started off really strong. It seemed like Lucas admitted his failings as a writer when he let Tom Stoppard “help” the diologue. Now he needs to just do something about his failings as a director and we’ll be all set
  • Artoo kicked many muches of ass. Yaay.
  • It started having one cheesy moment here and there, and then they got longer and longer.
  • All the “relationship” scenes lacked honesty and truth
  • Padme lost her kickassness and became a weapy chick. Ok, I’ll accept that she’s emotional and “delecate,” but she did SO much sitting around and worrying and not enough DOING.
  • The Jedi went down too easily. Not that I don’t believe the way it happened was plausable, I didn’t see their supreme awesomness beforehand, so I didn’t really get a sense that this was abnormal and extraordinary.
  • She’s just lost the will to live. Ok, while I buy that, is that a medical diagnosis, Mr. Medic Droid?
  • That scene with Vader finding out about Padme kicking the bucket was just SO CORNY. I don’t think it was what was put on paper. I think it was the direction. The pull back with the NOOOOOO was just SO cliche.

Hm… so. It’s over. I feel kinda empty inside, not warm and fuzzy like when I saw Jedi for the first time. I also kept nitpicking. I kept picking out the thing, for me, that made each scene not work, and obsessing over what I’d have done differently with the script or the direction. But hey, I’m fanboy 45764E that thinks he could do it better and there’re a thousand guys in line behind me.

It also makes me sad that I just don’t have TIME to write. And I’m just so ADD that I can’t think of anything and execute it when I do. I get so angsty about it that I just don’t do it. Speaking of ADD, I need to go medicate myself. TTFN


May 19, 2005 - Posted by | Chamomile

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