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Oh bloggy, where art thou?

Yeah, I haven’t posted over in this blog in ages. How’s the book coming??

Well, aproximately 1/3 of the book is hanging in a bag from the Gettysburg battlefield museum on the door to my dining room. Contents of the bag also include a well-used yellow note pad. The stack of paper contained therein is about half marked up, so 1/6 of the book has been looked at. I got to a part that may need massive revisions, hung the bag on the hook, and haven’t opened the bag since.

I kept saying, I’d better get this done before grad school starts, but I didn’t. So the book may be on hold for the next two years.

Bob is about to leave the DMV. And may one day leave the DMV, if I can ever make myself go back to that story.

I swear, I will write and finish ONE thing while I’m in grad school.

No. Really. I will.

Why do you keep looking at me like you don’t believe me?


May 18, 2005 - Posted by | Chamomile

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