Suicidal Snowflakes

Just because I have a short attention span doesn\’t mean I…


Is it wrong of me to laugh? Well, I laugh. Even if it’s laughing from questionable motives.

Yahoo News: Process Begins for John Paul’s Sainthood.

So put that in yer pipe and smoke it.

On a seperate note, Benedict is looking rather fit and trim and quite dapper in his glasses.

He has good hair too. My grandfather’s German and he also happens to have a full head of hair and a similar hairline. His hair’s still black though, same as his mother’s. Man, I hope I can dodge both the grey hair bullet AND the hairloss bullet (courtacy of Nana’s genetic makeup, thanks gram) .

We can also thank the nice people at Ragemonkey for this prayer:

Prayer for the Canonization of John Paul the Great

God of Mercy and of Justice,
you graciously deigned to give to your Church
a firm foundation stone as she travels
her pilgrim way in the world.
Your Son called Simon the Apostle, Peter, making him the rock
upon which the Church would be founded.
In the successors of St. Peter, we hear you speaking, strengthening the faith
of your children, demonstrating that you have not left us orphans.
You have, in every age and in every place, led the people
claimed by your Son
through the visible shepherd of our unity.
We praise you for your generous care for our souls.

In our own time,
you have blessed the Church with an outstanding example
of truth and virtue in the person of John Paul II.
He made of himself a gift, freely and totally given, to your Son
through His Blessed Mother.
Despite sorrow in his life, he has called us, in your name,
to be not afraid,
to set out into deep water,
to not settle for mediocrity.
We praise you and thank you for your generosity.

If it be in accordance with your will,
raise this holy man to the glories of the altar.
Manifest in our times signs and wonders
which demonstrate that he rests now in the glory of Heaven.
By his intercession, I bring my petition to you. (Mention your petition here.)

Glory and honor to you, through your Son, in the power of the Holy Spirit,
now and until the ages of man run dry.

We ask these things through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Some prayers have been answered already, so ready… set… GO.


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