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The Vetrinary Emergency Room

Jesse, brilliant animal that she is, got hit by a car last night. Again.

It was pretty darned sad. I’d say the saddest experience of my life, but I know the second I say that, something else will take the taco.

Getting her there was no picnick. She tried got get across the street before dad got her into the house and onto the sofa, but then getting her from the sofa cushion to the car was tough. She kept biting everyone. I told Jenn to put a blanket over her so that she couldn’t hurt herself or anyone. They got a board (an old cupboard door, if you can believe it) under the cushion, and we got her into the car. She was breathing in gasps, and trembling and her heart was racing. There were lacerations on her leg, and I was so afraid she’d broken something again. Every bump was painful to me, because I knew it was painful to her.

They took the dog out of the car on a little cart, and we knew the sound of the doors bothered Jesse, so my brother and I waited until she was in the hospital to close the car doors. My brother looked like he was going to cry. I said “You look like you need a–”

And he declared “I DON’T need a hug!”

So I hugged him anyways.

We were there for almost three hours while they were working on her.

A big black dog that looked like Jesse, except for a rounder snout and big head came in, and promptly whacked into the glass door. She was aparently having seizures.

Another lady came in with a toy dog. She told the intake lady that the dog was 17, and had suddenly begun having seizures, coughing and losing control of her bowels last night. She’d had her brother stay with the dog during the day because she had to take her brother to the ER, and it had continued, but now it was really really bad. I winced. It was SO hard to hear her choke up about the dog. You could tell he was her best friend. I also knew that dog was past his prime and was probably on his way out.

I couldn’t take it any more. I made Charlie walk to the all-night diner across the road. I took my sweet old time ordering a milkshake and walking back. A little bit after we were sitting in the grey waiting room with the grey chairs with my milkshake and dad trying to distract us by talking about the wormed and virused out computer he had to take off of someone’s network that he had to fix tomorrow, a lady came in with a slightly bigger dog in a towel.

She was in her pajama bottoms and her husband’s jacket. I think she was shaking a little. The dog was weasing and seemed to have swollen stomach that was painful. We got to talking, and she said that she’d smashed one of her front lights pulling into the driveway on the way home, and didn’t want to drive her car, but could’nt take her husband’s car, so she was driving with her high beams on. The cop who pulled her over said she was wiggling between the lines too. She had been trying to keep it at the speed limit so she WOULDN’T get pulled over, but she’d managed to, because she was trying to pay attention to the dog and the road. She’d had to come from all the way out near the air port. Aparently this place was the only one opened at night.

In the middle of her telling me about her awful trip in, I heard the lady with the toy dog back near the examining rooms. Her voice was shaky. “Can I at least hold him while you’re doing it?” The technician whispered some sympathetic stuff then escorted her to this room that was all by itself on the other side of the clinic. I can do simple math.

A few minutes later the vet took us into an examining room and showed us the x-rays. Jesse didn’t have any broken bones, so far as she could tell. Her organs looked good, but there was blood in her urin and she was in a lot of pain.

Aparently all the pins in her legs and hips from the LAST time she was hit saved her from further damage.

They drugged her up because she was in pain, then let us in to say goodnight. They opened the cage and she hopped up and out, ready to go home. She tried to do the thing where she claws at my pants, but was too much in pain and on too many drugs to manage it. She did do the “I want to go for a walk” wheeze, so I pet her neck until the technican could persuade her to go back into her cage. Poor babydoll.

Mom picked her up and took her to the regular vet today. They gave her pain meds, and they’re going to watch her organs. I hope the poor girl’s ok. She’s up and walking on her own, hopefully she just needs time to heal.


May 9, 2005 - Posted by | Chamomile

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