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So much for a change

I was going to change the skin on my blog, and I wasted about three hours searching for one that was decent. I found a few, but they would have taken more work to get going than my poor widdle head could handle. Not only am I behind in my word count again, but I’d have had to edit a lot of the code by hand to get all the blogger stuff to work again. This isn’t a problem, just a time consuming annoyance. Therefore, until I have time to work on it prapah, I’m stuck with the boring blue dots.


November 26, 2004 - Posted by | Technology & The Intarweb, Wordy

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  1. Have you tried Maystar Designs? She has a lot of stuff at Blogskins that’s designed just for Blogger, and she also has her own site that, if you navigate through enough, also has Blogger skins.

    Comment by Gretchen | November 30, 2004

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