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TEH FUTAR! aka: the emperor’s new clothes, part deux.

I just like saying that.

I had another naked and exposed to the world moment at the gym today.

What, you ask, wasn’t once enough??

Oh no. I woke up knowing today would be a special day. I went into the dressing room knowing it was a special day. And today was a special day.

The entire time I was at the gym, and I was there longer than anyone there, the curtain was closed on the second dressing room. I know this because I obsessively watched the curtain on the dressing room because that’s “my” dressing room. You know, the one that I always dress in, and if I don’t get to, then my day is a little sadder.

So when I was done, the curtain on the “other” dressing room was closed. I figured I’d cover myself and change in the bathroom, until the bathroom door closed and I had like 17 min to get ready to go to work. So I knocked on the frame around the door, didn’t hear anyone, so I peeked inside, saw it empty except for a folded pair of jeans and a shirt.

Figuring hey, I’ve been here the longest, I can change and be in and out before that other person’s even done, I start stripping. For the sake of safty, I kind of hummed at the song playing on the sound system.

Of course, right after I, y’know, take off my BRA, and I’m concentrating on that, instead of humming, the curtain opens.

“oh, I’m sorry!”

I kind of turned away for the sake of privacy, and to kind of give that person the hint that they should go away. However, this onl prompted her to go around to the other side of the curtain and come in, reach past me to get her stuff, and go to another corner of the dressing room to get dressed.

The peoples, why do they do it?


November 23, 2004 - Posted by | Growly and/or Whine

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